Useful links

The Internet is a huge source of information, some of it is useful and a lot of it is not-so-useful. The links provided here should help you find information relevant to recovery from eating disorders. There is also a page on general South African resources.

General information on eating disorders

  • provides excellent basic information on eating disorders.
  • Something-Fishy provides basic information and support on eating disorders.
  • is a Canadian eating disorders resource website.
  • The Eating Disorders Association (UK) also has good general information, although it isn't regularly updated.

    Specific questions and topics

    • has a discussion on some of the causes of eating disorders.
    • The Guardian, UK explores culture and eating disorders in black South African women.
    • provides information for family and friends on how to help someone with an eating disorders.
    • Online Support Communities

      These are sites where those suffering from eating disorders can share problems and provide support for each other. Although the communities on these sites can be very supportive, be aware that some people find this type of interaction triggering or upsetting. Two well-known pro-recovery sites with forums are:

      • is a mediated discussion forum that provides support to those recovering from eating disorders.
      • PsychCentral provides a moderated discussion forum.
      • Something-Fishy contains forums for a wide variety of issues. No mention of calories, kilograms etc. is allowed.
      • caters for post-pro anorexia fans, who used to obtain support from pro-ana websites, but are no longer into the pro-ana scene.
      • For general help for a variety of mental health and social issues in South Africa, take a look at our general resources page.