Support groups

Support groups for eating disorders

Support groups can provide a useful space for sharing experiences and supporting each others' recovery process. General support groups follow no specific structure, while 12-step groups are based on an addiction model, and follow specific guidelines.

General support groups

Cape Town: Imani treatment centre runs a general support group for eating disorders and related eating problems, which is facilitated by a counsellor. The aim of the group is to focus on feelings and not on food, to receive help and compassion, as well as to share with one another so that the burden of shame around having an eating disorder can be diminished. Imani can be contacted on 021 447 7472.

12-step programmes

Eating disorders anonymous is a 12-step support group that focuses on creating balance in relation to eating and the body. Meetings are currently held in Johannesburg and Cape Town.
Overeaters anonymous has a range of groups for binge eaters (including over-eating and bulimia) in a variety of regions in South Africa. You can also take a look at their local site at