Below are lists of psychologists who work with eating disorders. Psychologists do not pay to advertise on this site, and all are part of a trusted network of professionals. Click on the links below to see psychologists in your area of South Africa::

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  • Pretoria
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  • Johannesburg

    Below are the therapists based in Johannesburg. Click here or on the therapists' name to complete your requirements and we will forward the details of an appropriate psychologist for your needs. Please note that our site is not advertising based, and that all psychologists are part of a network of trusted professionals.

    Mandy Florence Melville
    Yael Kadish Linksfield


    Name Area of Pretoria
    Louise Boshoff Prinsen

    Cape Town

    Name Area of Cape Town
    Annelie van Breda Durbanville
    Kate Rogers Newlands


    Name Area of Bloemfontein
    Oranje Hospitaal out-patient


    Name Area of Durban

    Other Areas

    Name Area of Cape Town